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Jun. 29th, 2006 | 07:01 pm

Well.... I sorta have paid absolutely NO attention to my LJ the last few month.

I have made a NEW journal and PLEASE add me!!! It´s called ari_su dont know why, it just is :P
But please add me if you still want to be on my friends list :D Thank you very much.

Now I plan on being much more active >_> And will probably update a whole lot though no one will read it haha :D

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Apr. 27th, 2006 | 01:42 pm
location: On the couch, wearing a hat
mood: None called ambivalent! Pfft! None called ambivalent! Pfft!
music: hide - eyes love you

ONE MONTH TILL DIR EN GREY IN BERLIN!!!!!!! *runs in cicles*

Aaaah!! I´m so excited!! Haha :D It will be so much fun - so much crazy, screaming fangirlism! That ROCKS!! YAY!! For 4 days! It will be so INSANE! I can´t WAIT!! So insane I can even write in CAPS!!! CAAAPS! *gets shot* ... Whatever ... ... ...

I got the new HYDE album.. Faith.. It´s kinda good actually. No wait, I really like it the more I listen to it. I didn´t like that kinda "god-thingey" theme, with the album called faith, a song called Jesus Christ and stuff like that, but I don´t think it has that much to with anything anyway. So, I don´t care.

I think I have to move. It sucks actually -__-; But.. My rent is getting really high I think, so... I just can´t afford to pay that much now. I´m looking for a place. Me and kaines are looking for a place together. That would be so much cheaper : )
I know black_geek found a place for her, leechy_girl and someone else - But I don´t know how! I would like something like that though... If anyone can help, please let me know! :D thaaaanks

I´m gonna go now. Oh, I took a picture last night. I look so scared.

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Apr. 4th, 2006 | 11:03 am
mood: bouncy bouncy

So I am going to the Dir en Grey concert in Berlin ^^ Like I already said like a million times!
I found out that I´m staying at the same hotel as a whole bunch of other people! Quite a coincidence. I had no idea anyone else was staying there too. Really funny.
So we are planning a meeting friday night. Gonna be so much fun!! Weee!
I anyone read this and is going to the DeG koncert in Berlin, and maybe is staying at the Hufer Ufer (Meiniger Halleschess Ufer or something like that) Well, please say hi ^^

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Update, finally...

Apr. 3rd, 2006 | 01:04 pm

So, it´s been SO long sice I wrote anything sane here.

I am going to the Dir en Grey koncert in Berlin. We decided to go there as a sort of vacation, so I´ll go there thurday, go to the koncert saturday and home sunday... Well in May, that is. So long it seems. At least I already paid the ticket, the bustrip and the hotel. I just need a hella lot of money for food and all the shopping I am obviously gonna do >_> yeah... So I have to save a lot. But I sold one of the dollies! So I have some money... I am even thinking about selling another one of my dolls. Not for the koncert-money, but simply because, for me, it is too much money just to sit and not be used. The other doll I use for stuff, but this doll... Just sit. So, yeah, maybe. Plus my plan is to go to Japan next march, so I need like 15.000 kr. for that. I think. More money please....

My apartment is a meeeess! It´s unbelievable. No actually, the livingroom is ok. The bedroom is.. well, at least nothing is mutating in there, but the kitchen... I am afraid of going in there and get eaten by some green meatball or something o_O uuhaa! So, so far, today, I just stayed out of the kitchen and didn´t eat xD But I have to eat later though. So I need to clean up out there so I can dig out the fridge. Another sad thing is that my ex is coming to pic up some stuff I ordered for him online a looong time ago... so, yeah >_> I HAVE to clean up haha. He will probably think that I am soooo depressed and sad that I couldn´t clean up or anything.. I don´t want him to think that, when the truth is that I had people over from friday afternoon til sunday night. Baaaaah, ebuhl past.

I dyed my hair SO red! I don´t know why, I just did haha. So, I look like.. I don´t know a huuuuge strawberry .... or like my head is on fire.
Ok. I´d better jo clean up and think about what to do with this exploding head of mine.

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Feb. 22nd, 2006 | 01:09 pm

.... my birthday today .__. And the weirdest one ever...

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Feb. 21st, 2006 | 04:19 pm
mood: ecstatic ecstatic

OH MY GAAAAAWD!! I might be going to Japan this summer! I just need a final answer from a friend of mine.. Then we will prolly be living with her friend Tetsuko in Tokyo for a month.. Could anyone ask for more (expect staying there FOREVAAH!) ARGH! HAPPY DANCE!
Well, of course nothing has been planed yet, we are not even sure that we´re going.. well, we just need this final answer which we should get tonight.. Can´t wait to here from her what she has to say! I really really really want to go! :D This could be the best! :D


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Feb. 21st, 2006 | 01:01 pm
mood: giggly giggly

What JRocker/JPop Boy Should be your SOULMATE?
Name / Username
you have a jrock soul mate! miyavi
This Quiz by bakaba - Taken 1389 Times.
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WOOT!!! So I got Miyavi. Not, you now, that speciel. Soo, I tried with another name, Noir - I got... Miyavi.. I tried again with Morusus - I still got Miyavi.. Then I tried with my real name, Mette.. I still got Miyavi.. Either Miyavi IS my soulmate, or there is only this one option (Miyavi) in this test!! o.O

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Feb. 17th, 2006 | 12:31 am

my pet!

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Feb. 16th, 2006 | 02:56 am
mood: tired tired

Life is weird. Always weird...
It´s too late and I should sleep. But I´m very lazy.. I need to put on the bedsheets and stuff like that before I can go sleep.. So I just sit here in the couch, hoping that the sheets will jump out of the closet and onto the bed.
I took some pictures today. But I´m too tired to upload them. I´ll do it tomorrow, maybe...

I went to Ikea today cause I needed some lamps in my livingroom. I got some. They´re nice enough ^^ So of course I ended up spending a lot of money... >_> I´m trying to save for Japan, but I´ve been saying that since before x-mas. And how much did I save? Eer, well, nothing, yet....

My stepdad talked about taking me to London. My cousin too, and my mom. It would be nice. I really like London. But I think they want to wait a few month. But I hope they decide to go. Not that I have any money, but it would still be nice to go... It´s been way too long since I´ve been to London. I thought about moving there a few years back. Well for different reasons. I hope I can go there soon. I want to go to SaiSai cause now I´ve heard a bit about it xD And I want to go to the Japan Centre. Well, really I wanna go to Japan, but I can´t afford it anyway... So I´ll have to settle for the possibility of -maybe- going to London...
Denmark sucks so bad .__.

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(no subject)

Feb. 1st, 2006 | 01:22 pm
mood: weird weird

So, I´ve been gone for a while. I´ve just had a lot of things on my mind.
I´m sick and annoyed at some peoples behaviour.

And I need a new hair cut! Any ideas? Come on! Everyone who´s reading this should post a picture of a nice cool haircut :D I need something neeeeew!

And I´m not gonna write anything else. Cuz I´m.. I don´t know. Weird mood :(

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